Laidlaw College

Roshan is National Principal/CEO of Laidlaw College. Prior to this, he helped found and lead the Compass Foundation (now part of the Venn Foundation) until 2011, working to help young adults ‘know the Gospel; know the culture; translate’. Compass’s mission involved running residential conferences on Biblical theology and leadership around Australasia, cultivating networks of young Christian leaders, and developing resources for these growing networks. Prior to Compass, Roshan was the first manager of Maxim Institute’s internship programme.

Roshan holds degrees in History from the Universities of Canterbury and Oxford. His doctoral research at Oxford focused on how intergenerational groups of Evangelical entrepreneurs in the eighteenth and nineteenth century British world shaped society and culture, most prominently in the work of the Clapham Sect. His research interests include how the Gospel has motivated social and cultural reform, with particular emphases on evangelicalism and the history of religious reform, the origins of philanthropy and humanitarianism, and intersections of theology and political economic thought.

Since 2015, Roshan has worked as a Senior Fellow for the Venn Foundation, teaching in the Foundation’s residential and wider programmes, and consulting to a variety of Christian organisations. He is a co-author of popular books, The Insect and the Buffalo: how the story of the Bible changes everything and The Hare and the Tortoise: learning to pace ourselves in a world gone mad, and is a regular speaker in churches and at Christian events.

Roshan lives in Auckland with his wife and young family.