Responding to the Tolerance the New Intolerance

Are Christians tolerant? Christians are supposed to be tolerant, but we often hear that we are not. We can even be accused of hate speech. We need to understand what our accusers are saying, and also the radical views of Jesus on how we should respond.

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STR: The Ambassador’s Guide to Postmodernism | Gregory Koukl

How do you, as a Christian ambassador, talk effectively about the One who said He is the truth when much of our culture considers distinctions like true and false completely meaningless? How do you reach people with what you think is truth when many deny truth even exists? Unfortunately, many Christians and churches end up adopting this culture’s dangerous postmodern views instead of adapting their methods to reach people.
In this booklet, Greg explains what postmodern philosophy is, where it came from, and how it has invaded the church. He compares this philosophy to the classic Christian concepts of knowledge, belief, truth, and justification, and establishes how the two are at odds. Ultimately, he demonstrates the fatal flaws inherent in postmodern thinking and gives a practical and effective strategy that will help you reach out to this culture with the Gospel.

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